There are days in the book publishing process when you think you just can’t get any more excited.  After all, what could be more thrilling than finishing that last sentence of writing or capturing that final photograph we needed for the layout or sending the completed files to the printer?

Seeing the proofs of our book!  That’s what!

Today, we had the chance to see precisely how our book was going to be printed.  Sure we’ve gone through a few sheets of paper at home trying to check alignments and read through the text during the editing process.  But nothing can compare to seeing your very first book on the exact paper and in the exact format we’ll see with the final product.  It’s really REAL!

In the Fedex packages delivered this morning to Paul’s house, we found our book cover, a bunch of huge sheets with our pages in the signature alignment (odd to see pages 9 and 24 right next to each other in this arrangement, which I don’t totally understand…), and a handful of blue booklets compiled as we’ll see it in several weeks in final book form.

With all the editing for commas, extra spaces, word choice, and the like being completed before the files are even sent to the printer, the only three things we’re looking for at this stage of the game are:

  1. Do the colors look correct?
  2. Are the crop marks – where the printer will cut the pages – cutting off anything important?
  3. Is the print quality high?

Overall, Paul and I (both being remarkably anal, er, I mean “detail-oriented”) were tremendously impressed with the proof quality.  The colors were spot on, everything fit perfectly within the crop marks, and the print quality resembled the quality you’d see in an actual photograph hanging on the wall.  Save for a few minor text color changes, this baby is ready to print!

As our amazing printing team finished prepping the files, one of the team members emailed us some unsolicited feedback.  We don’t mean to brag, but here’s what Donald had to say:

“On a personal note, I am truly impressed with the scope and detail of your book – I never imagined such a comprehensive book was possible.  Many of the images leave me speechless.”

Since we’re so over-the-moon we saw a sneak peak of our book today, we’d like to give you a sneak peak as well!  On the Wild in Arizona website at, we’ve just posted a FREE 23-page PDF sample of the book!  Inside, you’ll see the official table of contents, three different locations (out of 60), an instructional tip (out of 17), our amazing book sponsors, and more information about Paul and yours truly.

To download, you’ll need the free Adobe Reader software available at Adobe (  You can save it, print it, share it, use it as a decorative place mat, wallpaper your bathroom with it – whatever you wish.

Once you’ve had a chance to read through it, drop us a note either here or on Facebook to let us know what you think of your first taste.  We’ve kept this to ourselves for almost 18 months now, so we’re dying to hear what you think!  And if you like what you see, please feel free to share the link to the free sample with anyone you think might enjoy this guidebook.

As always, thank you for your support,


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