First Poppy 2013

Wildflower up date the season started good with some rain in Nov.-Dec. then we had a dry spell with a sudden freeze and now above average rains. The deserts are showing large areas of green ground cover mostly grasses but there are sprouts of lupine on the south slopes of the Superstitions and as long as it keeps raining we should see some wildflowers in the next 2-3 weeks.

The Farmers Almanac is showing rain every other week for Feb.-March. My prediction for this year is a OK Annuals bloom, GOOD Perennial bloom (brittle bush looking good for late March-April) and GREAT cactus bloom. I have a good amount of Mexican gold poppy and scorpionweed sprouts in my un-watered garden.  The photo of the first poppy is from my watered garden.

I will be in Southern Arizona the first of March and will update again at that time.

Thanks Paul

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  1. Thanks for the update Paul!

    Do you think the brittlebush at the Superstitions will be early March or late March?

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