Happy Camp poppies

Current Hot Spots: Peridot Mesa is still best location for poppies. Peachville Mt. east side and Happy Camp Rd just west of their show some carpets. Ajo Loop in Organ Pipe Cactus National Park has a good show of color now.

Bartlett white poppy

Showing: Bartlett Lake has small carpets on the eastern hillsides with good chuparosa and the albino poppies are out. Lake Pleasant is showing some brittle bush. North of Yuma has brittle bush and ocotillo starting. Mohawk Dunes have primrose and verbena up but no carpets. Catalina and Saguaro National Park

Mohawk Dunes

Not Showing: Eagletail and Saddle mountain area are poor.

Rumor has it: Catalina and Saguaro National Park are showing color. Ague Fria Black Mesa has a report and the Lost Dutchman State park has some blooms.

5 Responses to “AZ. Wildflower Field Report: Feb. 25, 2012”

  1. This is an incredible site/resource. It reminds me of Carol Leigh’s site now extinct. And she was good!
    I am ready to hit the trail, sleep in in my pick-up, and use your information to work the CF electrons in my Canons. Now I have to down-load your book. I have been following AZ flowers, birds and scenes for a decade without guidance (hard work) and applaud your efforts. In summary, you both have super vision.

    • I use to be a big fan of Carol’s site. Thank you, I felt the same way spent days researching locations for wildflowers and big bucks on gas to find them. Then 2 years ago Colleen and I brainstormed a way to bring decades of our scouting trips to photographers to save everyone time and money looking for the big blooms. So your comments are the reason we put so much effort into this book. Thank you, Paul. P.S. go check out Peridot Mesa

      • I echo Paul’s sentiments – thank you!!

        Carol’s site/information was truly awesome. By offering a similar type of resource, our only hope is that we don’t see the same situation develop here in Arizona as she did in California – read more about her decision to pull the plug at http://calphoto.com/wflower.htm. As such, we’ll continue to advocate “Leave No Trace” principles in hopes everyone responsibly enjoys what Mother Nature has to offer.

        Happy shooting!

  2. Colleen and Paul-I read your book on the weekend and now very much look forward to using it. It’s a fabulous resource, very well done. As a newcomer to Arizona, can someone suggest a map source for some of the places mentioned above in the blog that are not found in the book

    • Hi Tom! Thanks for your kind words! And welcome to Arizona!

      The map we use is DeLorme’s Arizona Atlas & Gazetteer, which you can pick up at Arizona-based Target, Barnes and Noble, etc.

      Hope that helps!

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