We were hoping for a repeat of last years wildflower bloom without the evasive grasses. Unfortunately October & January were dry so the wildflowers that did sprout did not get big. The upper Sonoran desert got an inch last week that will start showing in mid March Brittlebush and April Palo Verde/cactus bloom. The Poppies are showing in the regular areas in average small groupings and some small carpets. This is a breakdown of what we know for each location in the book starting with best wildflower locations now.


#51 Good poppies with peak in two weeks followed by Brittlebush

#25 Good poppies with peak in two weeks followed by Brittlebush

#53 Small groupings of poppies that should be nice in a few weeks

Phoenix Sonoran Preserve (not in book) Good poppies

#14 Surprising poppy bloom

#24-26 All showing some average blooms.

#27 Always great this time of year (they water)

#28-34 all showing some blooms #30 best

#35 Always great this time of year (they water)

#36 Looks like the lupine bloom is poor except for roadside.

#15-20 Average dispersed blooms. No big owl clover bloom this year but nice displays of Bladderpod out in the flats.

#21 Good variety of wildflowers and Brittlebush is starting.

#22 Wait a few weeks for the Brittlebush.

#23 No reports

#42-46 Some small groupings of flowers with the possibility of a good Brittlebush bloom.

#48 Not showing carpets yet but still need a scouting report.

#50 Roadside blooms showing now.

#52 One good report that I can’t verify yet.

#54-55 Always great this time of year (they water)

#57 Showing signs of an average bloom now.

#58 Showing great over the next few weeks.

#59 Not seeing large carpets of poppies but should show good Brittlebush soon.

At this point and with rain in the forecast an average wildflower bloom is expected with a good Brittlebush bloom and a good tree/cactus bloom to follow. We should have an update in a few weeks but will break any big blooms as we hear about them.  If you have a scouting report to help people out drop me a message or email. paulgillphoto@me.com. Great shooting out there and keep it safe.


6 Responses to “Arizona Wildflower Field Report 3/1/2020”

  1. Thanks Paul, yes not as good as last year. Specially at Bartlett.

    Keep reports coming

    • Im looking at next week to get the camper on and start shooting. The reports are not so good for Organ Pipe. Gaelyn is checking it this week

  2. I’ll be looking around Organ Pipe next week.

    • Great! that should be a good time to see the brittlebush. I could be down there myself in a week. Cant wait to hear what you find.

  3. Is there a list of the locations, other than numbers?

    • Hi June. The only list is in the book and the electronic book that are available from this web site. Thank you June

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