In Arizona now “Winters Spring”. Super early for the Phacelias. They are already doing that now, then there will be more side-branches and flowers on those yet to come, and it seems like seed set and reproduction will be high. Very interesting! The desert is also covered with baby Brittlebush more than I have ever seen. If we get 1/2-1″ of rain next 2 months spread out and no hard freeze then I am now predicting a banner Phacelias and Brittlebush year soon. Also spotted blooming fiddlenack and lupin. NO Poppies


4 Responses to “Arizona Wildflower Field Report 12/09/2018”

  1. We had poppies (foliage sans flowers) come up in our yard a few weeks ago, then they suddenly disappeared…

  2. There’s globe mallow & creosote bush blooming in the Wickenburg area.

  3. I’m eagerly awaiting your updated forecast! I’ve seen poppies and lupines blooming in the McDowell Mountain trailheads. I purchased the second edition and am excited to get out exploring!

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