First Light Poppies

Arizona is in one of the best blooms in a decade. For those of you with our book here is a rundown of location number and the wildflower report:
1-13 Nothing
14 Modest blooms
15 unknown
16 Great Gold Cup bloom all the way up tho Bill Williams River WR
17 Roadside
18 Did not look good 3 weeks ago.
19 Carpets of Bladderpod and some Globemallow with some poppies
20 OK bloom
21 Best bloom in a Decade
22 Good bloom with poppies appearing in the north fork
23 Past w/weeds
24 Good
25 Coming back from the snow and showing great.
26 Unknown
27 always good they water
28 Big bladder pod bloom and good poppies even on Pima Canyon
29 Unknown but must be good
30 Big bladder pod bloom on south side and good bloom in park
31 Good wildflowers not sure we will see Brittlebush.
32 Drive by was ok
33 Unknown
34 Good bloom now
35 They water so should be good
36 Scouted 3 weeks ago lots of weeds but some good blooms
37-41 Nothing
42 should start showing if anyone would like to scout it for me
43 Unknown
44 is showing normal bloom
45 Poppies Now
46 Was blooming 3 weeks ago so should still look good
47 Nothing
48 Big bloom now and should last weeks.
49 Nothing
50 scouting this week but some good reports
51 Best bloom I have ever seen there. Good two weeks plus of different wildflowers
52 Unknown
53 was blooming 3 weeks ago.
54-55 Watered so should be good
56 some lower elevations are showing good color now
57 normal spring color
58 Watered
59 mixed reviews but some poppies showing
60 Nothing.
It is a very interesting year the Brittlebush started blooming last year and is now on its 2nd and 3rd set of blooms so they are looking tired but still could carpet. Poppies are all over the Central locations and should last a few more weeks if not longer with coming rains. March is the month get out there and get some of this we may not see it again for years.

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