Saguaro Storm 2014

The Desert is GREEN. The last time we had a above normal rainfall year was 2009/2010 and that was a good year. November 2013 we had 1-3″ and .5-1″ in December. Take a look at exact locations at place in the month you want for accurate location readings. Unfortunately the rain has stopped and we will need some sprinkles to keep everything going.The Farmer’s Almanac is calling for average rainfall for the southwest for the next two months:
“Average” for us in this drought, though, could mean great things!! I have Poppy sprouts up in my test area and Desert Marigolds blooming along roadsides in the lower desert now. So at this point I am predicting a OK Annuals and GOOD Perennial/Cactus/Tree year. The brittlebush at Gonzales Pass are looking very good for a 2010 like bloom. “Everyone keep doing their rain dance!”

2014 Poppy sprout

January Desert Marigold

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