Madera Canyon

Fall color in Arizona has moved into the sky islands of south east Arizona and the San Pedro River. Unfortunately the color is very sparatic with some areas already past and some areas still green.  One location that is showing some good fall color is Madera Canyon in the Santa Rita Mountains. Also The Presidio of Santa Cruz de Terrenate Ruins along the San Pedro River a short 1.5 mile hike then drop down into the river where there is no trail and hike the river.

Sycamore Canyon wilderness

It has been a strange autumn in Arizona this year with locations starting to show color early and then suffering brown outs. The Sycamore Canyon Wilderness is no exception with some trees turning color while the rest are still green, brown, or a grey (when the leaves turn grey-green and just dry up and drop).

Still, the Parsons trail on the southern end of Sycamore Canyon has some color.  Most of the rim country is now past peak and the cottonwoods and sycamore are showing in the deserts.

Sycamore Canyon pool

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