Boyce Thompson Arboretum near Superior AZ. is showing a lot of color in the cactus and agave gardens. Some of the best wildflowers are still great in the Demonstration Garden. This is worth the drive and admission. Saguaros are still budding in most places with good blooms in others, very hit and miss this year. A few shots from this week.

Cactus Gardens

Demonstration GardenCactus Garden

Claret Cups

Wildflowers are burning off now and cactus blooms are peaking. Saguaro’s starting to show and should end the desert bloom in the next month plus. The bloom at the Desert Botanical Garden, Boyce Thompson Arboretum, and Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum are your best bets this year to see the last of the desert wildflowers. Rocky Mountain Iris starting in the high country.

Agave & Penstemon

The wildflowers are moving up in Arizona now and being replaced with the Cactus blooms in the lower deserts. Headgehog, Pincushion, and Ocotillo are blooming around the Superstitions. There is a nice Creamcup bloom around Sedona, Bell Rock, Palatki and Honanki Ruins have the best carpets now

Creamcup Sedona

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