Wild in Arizona: Photography Arizona Wildflowers

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"Wild in Arizona is one of the best photography guide books we’ve seen published in a long while."
~Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou, professional photographers, Oopoomoo

"...where was the book 10 years ago!  It sure would have saved me a lot of time! Seriously, this is an outstanding guide book full of wonderful photos, detailed maps with well written driving and hiking directions, along with a ton of information on what blooms where and when."
~Ron Niebrugge, professional photographer, Niebrugge Images

"Wild in Arizona: Photographing Arizona’s Wildflowers – A Guide to When, Where, & How will help you discover new places to experience and enjoy within Arizona while saving you an enormous amount of scouting time. At only $24.95, I’d call it a great value."
Michael Gordon, professional landscape photographer, Michael E. Gordon Photography

"All-in-all, this is a good guidebook for photographing Arizona wildflowers. The book is well-illustrated and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to photograph Arizona’s scenic landscapes." ~Richard Wong, professional photographer, Richard Wong Photography

"...a fantastic book you will need to get you in the right place at the right time."
~Steve Sieren, professional photographer, Sieren Photography

"Not only is the book educational, it's a stunning, visual tip-toe through beautiful blooms."
Featured in Sedona Magazine, Fall 2011 issue

"If you photograph wildflowers in Arizona, you must buy this book. It’s full of great information that will save you a lot of time and energy."
~Jeff Colburn, professional photographer, Jeff Colburn Photography/The Creative's Corner

"There’s no shortage of guide books in the photography industry but I know from personal experience that a quality guide book is worth its weight in gold. Wild in Arizona is such a book."
~Peter Carroll, professional photographer, Peter Carroll Photography

"Wild in Arizona: Photographing Arizona’s Wildflowers is a great resource for photographers, hikers and anyone who enjoys the colorful spring bouquet of wildflowers."
~Bret Edge, professional photographer, Bret Edge Photography


"...Wild  in  Arizona:   Photographing  Arizona's  Wildflowers  is  packed  with  vital  information  and  tips  on  the   best  places  to  find  and  photograph  Arizona's  bountiful  blooms.  It  belongs  on  every  naturalist's  reference   shelf  and  in  every  photographer's  camera  bag."  
~ Peter  Ensenberger,  former  Arizona  Highways  Director   of  Photography

"Photography pros Paul Gill and Colleen Miniuk-Sperry have combined their talents and experience to take the guesswork and gaffe factor out of wildflower photography and replace them with success and enjoyment."
~ JoBeth Jamison, Editor, Sedona Magazine

"...Wild in Arizona: Photographing Arizona's Wildflowers guarantees a great read and unlocks the key to finding and photographing wildflowers in the Grand Canyon State."
~ Richard  Maack,  former  Arizona  Highways  Photography  Editor

“On a personal note, I am truly impressed with the scope and detail of your book – I never imagined such a comprehensive book was possible.  Many of the images leave me speechless.”
~ Donald Maloney, Bang Printing

"I’ve lived in Arizona for over three decades and have virtually every wildflower book around. This is by far the most easy-to-use, comprehensive guide for anyone interested in photographing our state's beautiful blooms. The geographical organization and photo tips are especially useful. Buy it…you'll love it, and you’ll use it.”
~Karen M.

"I love your book and have used it quite a bit since your presentation at Tempe Camera this past spring.  It has helped me in more ways than I ever imagined, from composition to lighting to figuring out the settings for the best picture.  I must say that the simplicity of a very complicated art in your presentation and the book transformed my fragmented thinking into a more solid approach to photography.  The confusion is over!  I wish there were more photography writers like the two of you who knew that simple is always best for non-technical people like me." 
~Camile M.

"This really is THE definitive volume for wild flower chasers. Lots of organization
(no surprise, if you've met Colleen!) charts and great descriptions of where to go and when to go in AZ."

~Stephen V.

"This is one great book.....My favorite part of the book is the INDEPTH photo tips sections! Colleen Miniuk-Sperry & Paul Gill go into specific techniques, tools & most important - how to apply them in the field & what results it will get you. Illustrative images do an excellent job in reinforcing concepts."
~Ambika B.

"...I want to tell you how much I love your book.  With the risk of using too many hyperboles, I believe it is one of the best books on photography/Arizona beauty that I have ever seen.  I have found it very easy to read, understand and use.  You and Paul have made a complex subject much easier to understand and to actually be able to use the tips." 
~Carol M.

"...your books combine your superb organizational skills with your creative side. Awesome!"
~Alice S.

"Rec'd mine and want to order 4 more as gifts. It is exceptionally wonderful: beautiful, informative, fun, clear, and will be useful. Gives me many road trips to take! Thanks!"
~Jacque D.

"Wow!!! You guys did an awesome job on your book. Goes without saying the photography is spectacular but the amount of information you guys have given is just brilliant...photo tips, location, maps, timing....it'll be my bible for wildflower shots. It's beautiful and a great resource guide. I can hear a collective sigh of relief of the photogs..."where are the flowers?"
~Valerie M.

"Was finally able to look through the book today and all I can say is, WOWWW!! Fabulous book, fantastic work, and superhuman effort to put something like this together. Thanks for such a great addition to my ever-growing photography library."
~Rick S.

"My friend, Colleen Miniuk-Sperry, has just released her first book on photographing Arizona wildflowers and I highly recommend it. It is well organized, full of great shooting tips, and the text and photos are amazing."
~Erik B., writer & book editor

"I have truly enjoyed reading the new wildflower guide you two have co-wrote.  It was so informative, broken down in detail & area even a 'Midwesterner like me can find everything by tab!!!'  Which is a reason 'Wildflowers for Dummie's' w/the yellow & black ribbon would have been a great title too!  Can't miss any shots w/this gem!!  You Two have ROCKED it out of the house!!"
~Denise C.

"I love your book!  GOOD JOB!  I am ordering a second copy to keep in the FJ to get "dog eared" and dusty!"
~Jack J.

"Wow, what a GREAT BOOK.  Thank you for my personal copy.  I wish you only the best success with this book.  It's wonderful."
~Bernadette Heath, professional photographer, writer, and book author

"You really did an exceptional job. The photography is stunning, the layout and design first class – everything about the book is top notch."
~Michael Furtman, professional photographer and book author

"Colleen Miniuk-Sperry and Paul Gill have put together a great book. Great images, maps, bloom calendar and loads of details on Arizona's wildflowers. You'll be all set for the where, when and how of Arizona's wildflowers this Spring."
~Peter Carroll, professional photographer

"“Your book is an absolute beautiful piece of work!   Fun, upbeat layout with spectacular photos, too.” 
~Kevin R., book author

"Got my copy and it is terrific. It is a fantastic photographer's guide for landscapes as well as wildflowers. Very well done. Wish ya'll great success."
~Clayton L.

"If you're interested in photographing wildflowers in Arizona, "Wild in Arizona" from Analemma Press is a fantastic - and now an international award-winning - resource."
~Stephen Trainor, The Photographer's Ephemeris

"Received my book yesterday and I think it is FABULOUS!!!"
~Linda S.

"I just received the autographed copy of your Wildflower Book. The only other autographed photography books I have are ones from Tom Mangelsen and David Muench. You are in good company! Great job. I want to go to every location."
~Ted N.

"Received my copy today and it is Amazing."
~Matt N.

"A great local guide and truly enjoyable read."
~Jeff M.

"Once again great work on the book, not only are the photos great but the research & writing is awesome as well."
~Chris C.

"The book is a day brightener ... Arizona alive with color.  Who knew!?"
~Mary O.

"Great job on the book! Not only are the photos impressive but the research & information provided is awesome as well."
~Chris C.

"I am very much enjoying your wildflower book.  It is well-written and the descriptions of location are excellent.  You mentioned places that I have not yet been, but will be soon."
~Roger K.

"I've only just started to read your new book and wanted to let you know how much it impressed me.  You have a mastery of words, both craft and art. Your voice carries through the pages, very articulate of course."
~Sue P.  

"All I can say is WOW! You and Colleen have not only given me a ton of knowledge with this book, but saved me a ton of time for locating these places and gave me two tons of inspiration as well. That's four tons and that's a lot. Thanks...Full of inspiration, knowledge, and locations. I love it and will make lots of use out of it."
~Fred G.

"Just by scanning through the book, I can tell it is very well done. Well organized, thorough, good maps & graphics, excellent supporting photos."
~Dik S.

"I'm a bit of an old desert rat, I love [the book] and am impressed beyond words."
~Larry C.

"Just wanted to send you a note to let you know I love it! The specific details you included were a pleasant surprise and of course, the pictures were fantastic!"
~Candes R.